Methodological Continentalism


Methodological Continentalism – Corona Coinage

I coined the phrase “methodological continentalism” to par with “methodological nationalism” during the corona times, though I have been thinking about the issue for about a decade since I started visiting Georgia and learning about the Dmanisi hominins (Homo). They were presented as the “First Europeans” who left Africa and entered Europes.

Both phrases have to do with space and knowledge production.

There are different forms or types of methodological nationalism. My focus here is the “naturalization” of the sovereign or state territory for knowledge production, here paleoanthropological knowledge production.

Similarly, my focus in on the “naturalization” of continental thinking in knowledge production, here again, paleoanthropological knowledge production.

I look at the so-called early modern period of Europe as the era when modern scientific thinking emerged, coupled with the emergence of territorial and continental forms of thinking.